new string?

i put new string on my new phenoizm nd i suddenly became more responsive like i dont have to bind it …nd its nearly impossible to do a laceration… what culd be my problem, i 120 strings brand new they are all diffrent colors nd are 100% poly … i used a blue color string though . Any sggestions or resons why or how to fix this?? Also the strng is from BillyBob’s Bait N Tackle…

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try not to use other stores name please in respect of yoyoexpert and its probably because the string was made too thick. If the string is to thick, it makes the yoyo more responsive.

oki…ill purchase yyj string then…does other string work good???

i have yoyoexpert string and it works great. There are also some posts that you might wanna check out that has peoples favorite string. :wink:

Clean the bearing first. It’s doubtful that a string would make it that responsive, I don’t know of any bulk strings that are that thick.