small - mediumsize yoyo under 80 bucks?

So their are hundreds of these threads but I get why. I’m looking at stepping up to an unresponaive play metal yoyo but I have very small hamds. Weight is prefer ebay heavy but with good float. If possibble. Thank you! Oh and 1a play style.

Dv888 is great also G-funk or Micro mo for smaller sizes 888x is also smaller and a great yoyo

Dingos are killer, the new run has less centre weight (no brass nut)

Werrd Minute


There’s the one drop Y factor.

I agree!  Great yoyo.

I also highly recommend the One Drops Yelets. Though it is $5 over your budget.

Some may not agree but I enjoy the Yomega Dash

I have not tried the YYO Pause (on the way to me), the Lava is not full sized but it is great and recommend the Kilter as well.

Anything modern will be easily sufficient for about anything you can throw at it. The Yoyos that mainstream companies are making these days are incredible. Every thing comes down to preference though.

Thanks you all! My price went up so I went with literally the last clyweek arctic circle second expedition. Thanks!