small bearing bassalope vs large bearing


ive played a small bearing bassalope before and loved it. how does the large bearing compare?

(UmeNagisa) #2

Probably just a less powerful version

SBs seem to have much stronger spin


Still looking for more responses

(Alex Fairhurst) #4

I played both and enjoyed the LB much much more.

SB seemed more solid to me and was a lot more grabby. I just didn’t like the feel at all. If you enjoyed the SB one that much then get a LB one and I’m sure you’ll still like it. They’re a lot harder to come by these days, though.


I like the SB version A TON better. Seemed to spin for ages longer, but the LB version was less grabby.

(2Sick Joey) #6

I prefer LB throws so i did like the LB Bassalope more but the Sb is really nice as well. Either would be a good choice

(DOGS) #7

SB Bassalope played circles around the LB version, for me. Between the grip, power, and superior stability, it was an all around good time.


I’ve tried an SB version and I think it was one of the smoothest throws I’ve ever tried. It had a one pad response and once it was broken in, it did not feel grabby at all. Due to the smaller bearing and gap, it had a little kickback but it no way affected anything on the throw at all. This thing spun a really long time.


from what I’ve read the Bass was completely built around the SB, it wasn’t like Chris just threw in a SB on a whim. I personally would rather have SB solely because that is how the throw was intended to be.