Small (A bearing) versus large (C bearing) yoyo play


If you can make them with the response and bearing area to support a D bearing, then give it a shot!


Send me a photo in a pm so I can have a look at what you’re talking about.

({John15}) #23

I would love to try one of these! Wood, unresponsive size A bearing. Sounds… different!


I’m going to be making some 2A wooden yoyos for someone Jensen referred to me. It uses the Raider spacers and bearing. I have no idea how to do it, but if I’m successful, I could probably use any spacer from any yoyo.

The two main problems I see arising are embedding the hex nut into each yoyo half and putting in a groove for silicone response. I will have to do it in the wood.


Yeah I thought about that. I thought maybe a washer on the outside. Might not be the most elegant look, though. A machined threaded hub like the Cabal guts would look better.

I’ll send a pic. I have some Buzzon yo-yos; which I’m a bit reluctant to sacrifice, but I could at least get you some pics. I think I have some extra guts somewhere…

Send you a PM soon.

(Ken) #26

A size bearings tend to vibe more and feel ‘looser’ and binds way better than size c. But size C makes it up by being very stable and with a longer spin time (usually).