Slow it down?

Andre always talks about slowing it down in his videos. How?

I think he means to look at each part of the trick slowly and make sure you have it down before going to the next part. That’s just my opinion though. :slight_smile:

Possibly he meant pausing the vid in parts where you get confused.

When I learn tricks though a video, I play it, and when there is a part I dont quite get, I pause the video and then press play again, pressing the play button from play to pause can also create a slo-mo kind of deal.

Good luck!


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Play, then if there is a part you don’t get then rewind and wathc closely. Also when he slows it down, André actually pauses and explains more of each part.

These people have probably said what André means by saying that. But if you really want to slow the vids down, get yourself a flash video/youtube downloader, play them in VLC media player and you should be able to slow down the videos.

Addment: If you can’t download from expertvillage, try youtube. My youtube downloader only works on youtube videos. But I believe that some downloaders can download from everywhere.