Peak a Sneakaboo

Hey Folks, I’ve spent the past hour in my room trying to hit this trick and I was wondering if anyone has any tips how to understand what Jensen is even doing in this video. If there is a previous explanation post or something of the sort, I would greatly appreciate it! If someone could translate to me what on earth is going on, I would give you my eternal love  :smiley:

Here is the video for reference


Best thing I could advise is to slow the video down. In the “settings” on YouTube. Bottom right corner of the video there is the “Gear” icon. You can click on that and slow the video down to 0.25 the original speed. Just make sure the resolution is on the highest setting. 720p60 for this one.

Jensen is a freak (and I mean that in the best way :slight_smile: ), love his playing and tricks. I haven’t tried this in a long time, this makes me want to though.

J is beyond me. But this tool might help