Slithering Hippo – The Answer: A High Speed YoYo Review


Slithering Hippo YoYos… the name alone made me curious about the products they would drop on the community. Heck it was the name alone that made me reach out and ask if I could review one of their products, it was just too bizarre not to ask. Once I had made contact with Andrew and started getting more information about the yo-yo he was sending for review, The Answer, I was even more intrigued. While he may be new to the industry the veteran he tapped to help him with the design and the CAD work is not. Landon Balk of 3Yo3 fame helped Andrew throughout the entire prototyping phase of this yo-yo and as Andrew put it, this yoyo would not have happened without Landon’s help. While this is only a prototype for The Answer it close enough to the final build that Andrew has asked me to review it. Now I get to see if the yo-yo lives up to its name or if it will leave me with more questions.

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Great review as always! :slight_smile: