Who plays it? What is your page number? Mine is only three.

(M.DeV1) #2

I have played it, got too scared collected zero.


beat it. he kills you when you collect all 8…so it’s by far the biggest waste of time that scares you to death when you play it.


Slender wasn’t that scary. I had a much worse time on Ghouls Forest and a game called Survivors Beta.
And Erie was absolutely terrifying for me.


I’ve only played it was once or twice, and it wasn’t as scary as I suspected it to be. Now a game that I found really scary was Yeti Hunter ( You have to play for a while though. It’s best in the dark!  ;D

(DOGS) #6

SCP-087 takes even less effort to play then Slender and is still pretty spooky.


Would if I knew how, don’t so I don’t… :-\


I’ve beaten it. Got all 8.

Anyone played Where am I? Made by the same guys that made slender. Way worse…