Sleipnir play

Does the sleipnir play differently than a draupnir?
I’m asking wether it can play at a speed like takeshi or zach

It can play as fast as you want it’s a very fast throw

I’d say the Draupnir has a bigger proclivity to make you play fast, even if the Sleipnir can handle speed very well too, I think it’s better for lower speed

You dont simply ride a guide doge

Takeshi and Zach don’t stand out to me as overly fast players. It was designed for Shinya Kido, who tends to play faster than either of them.

Here he is taking it through it’s paces. Blimey…

So yes, it’s a very fast throw indeed, one of the fastest I’ve personally played. I love mine to bits and I’m still undecided as to whether I prefer the Draupnir or the Sleipnir. It tends to vary day by day.  ;D

Interestingly, while I never cared for the Sleipnir all that much when I’ve played one, I LOOOooooove the Krown, also designed for Shinya Kido.

Great to see a 2009 yoyo stand up to a draupnir
Somewhere I thought I heard the sleipnir could handle slower play better than a draupnir :confused:

*shrugs and throws draupnir"