Sleeping Time


I was just wanting to know what would be considered a good sleeping time of the Fast 201 yo-yo, the longest I could get it to sleep is probably 20 to 25 seconds, it looks straight and usually if I throw it any harder it comes back to my hand too hard.



It is not the yo, it is the throw.

Pros could get it to sleep for very, very long.


Yup. There is no certain “length” of time it will sleep because it really depends on the thrower and not the yoyo.


what they said.
but for the throwing harder means it will come back up, that just means you need to snap you arm more. you could get it longer if you make sure you snap your arm.
the cool thing is about sleep times is that everyone can improve, even the pros.


Well, snap your wrist with your arm, and make sure that you stop your arm like it’s running into something.


I can get them to sleep for a long time.

What I highly reccomend doing is actually going to a local Wal-Mart, and geting a Mosquito.

Replace the bearing and spacers on the mosquito, with the bearing/spacers (They should be together) on the F.A.S.T. 201, the F.A.S.T. 201 will sleep for much longer that way. It might be because the bearing is super quick to break in.

I also reccomend taking out the starbursts and putting silicone in the holes where the starbursts were, but only do this if you can bind. If you can’t, just replace the bearing, and the sleep time should improve

But make sure your throw is not only straight, but also strong, if your throws have both of those elements, they will improve by a lot.


I have two questions: 1.How do I remove the spacers on the mosquito? 2. What is the bearing?


The spacers sould fall out with the bearing.

The bearingis this:

(JonasK) #9

When pros throw this yoyo, it’s usually modded.


If you hear a loud noise when you throw it then your string is hitting those huge stumps of starbursts. That is what is slowing down your yoyo. If you can bind I recomend sending it to a modder to recess. Makes this $10 yoyo WAY better.