Slaughtering Wallabies.


I eat them in my soup.

it always makes me giggle

Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.

I eat wallabies for breakfast, and use there blood for milk.

I prefer just to box mine…

I enjoy steaking them to the wall, just by the tail so they can’t escape.
I then carve out their insides slowly so that the wallaby screams can be heard for hours on end.
I make small incisions throughout the torso and when the wallaby is slipping away, I give it an adreneline injection so it stays conscious for a while longer to endure through the experience.
I then slowly saw off the tail and I show it to the wallaby so it can see that its method of balance is no longer available to it. As it slips away, the last thing it sees is the sword, and the sound of the laughter.

Then everything goes dark.

Poor wallaby, but its time had come, and it had to be done.

All good things must come to an end right?

Now time to collect the blood, and give it to yoyoguy4 for his cereal.


nice tips

I gotta try that sometime

Your guys thoughts on this…

Oh yeah me too, it makes them nice and tender.


Wallabies are majestic creatures!

Yep, just imagine how they would react had someone substituted ponies for wallabies… :wink:

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I don’t know Jayyo has read a fanfiction about a pony killing other ponies and he seems to have really latched on to it.

^The story. (Be warned it’s Graphic.)

wallabies taste like chicken
hey tell me if something tastes like chicken couldn’t chicken taste like that animal?

Probably. Jayyo, have you been banned yet?

i like to chop them…very hard with a evil laugh…

The screams from when im skinning them alive is oh so satisfying.

Josh I think sometimes people think your’e serious. :smiley:

(inb4 I am)