Slade's Buy, Sell, and Trade Thread--Looking to sell off most of the collection

I will ONLY respond to PM’s

PayPal is accepted but not required. Only selling in the US, WILL TRADE inside the US and internationally. I don’t add tracking for international but tracking is standard for all US trades.
Add 6 dollars to prices for shipping, tracking included in US, and I do combine shipping.

Mostly wanting to sell. The only trades I want would have to be from my wants list. Again, mostly looking do downsize and sell my collection.

Any questions at all, please ask.

Do not offer to buy unless you can pay the day that we make the deal. If you will have the money in however many days then offer at that time and NOT now. Thank you.

—Wants list—
Mostly stick to offering MINT and SMOOTH yoyos, keep damage at a minimum.

-Messiah_Want new logo red the most

-Chris Chia Anglam*
-Superfly Remix*

-Irony JP*** ( I have several but need mint and smooth ones)
-Eighty-Six 400*_Prefer green, orange, or red

-Diamondback* Prefer black or red
-Titan 3*


-Speed Freak*

General Yo
-Mini Star



From left to right & top to bottom

-Slavee EKG (near mint and smooth) $90
-OD Format C (near mint and smooth)$65
-YYR Attune (near mint and smooth)$85
-YYR Stargeyser (mint and smooth)$85
-YYJ ClassicGONE
-YYR Overdrive (near mint and custom anno, pretty smooth)$110
-CLYW SasquatchGONE
-Zeus (one flatspot and smooth)$85
-YYF GenesisGONE
-Speed beetleGONE
-WERRD Tre (Eric Tranton Love edition, mint, smooth)$75
-YoyoApartments 1937 version 2 (few flatspots, smooth, 7075 aluminum)$65
-CLYW SasquatchGONE
-CLYW Gnarwhal (works colorway, mint, smooth) $100
-Speed beetleGONE
-YYR Six & YYR Triplet, both mint and smooth. Can get pictures if wanted.

If you feel a price is too high then you are welcome to offer but no low-balling.
If you have ANY questions don’t be afraid to send me a PM.


Back on the bst scene bump.

Got some new stuff from TN states, also only offer from the wants list.

Bump, added glacier express and cafe racer.

Bump. Got some great stuff for trade, make some offers.

Bump. Added Canvas and Sasquatch.

Bump, added the Severe and Alpha Crash.

Added the fiesta xx’s and a 1937.

Bump, make some offers.

Bump. Added half and half skywalker and inspire.

Bump, added chief, septopus and genesis

Bump, added 7075 hulk smash chief, double joker and gleipnir.

Bump. Looking for some offers, make sure they are from my wants list though.

Bump, make some offers.

Bump, added Fury and 1937 V.2, make some offers.

Bump, make some offers.

I will buy the CLYW Sasquatch.

What do you have

I have a speed freak.