Today I noticed that my style seemed kinda bland and repetetive so I was looking for what was missing. I noticed that I almost never do slacks.

Does anybody know where I could find tutorials on how to do advanced slacks? I’m looking for the kinda of stuff sorta of like John Chow’s string rejection to Chopsticks mount (in his vivify video) sort of slack. I’d really like to spice up my style.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yuuki Slack
Over Whip Wrist Mount
These are some of the one i use allot.

I think xela’s physique genicide is one of the best slacks out there. I actually am more of a technical person myself and started making some tricks that were mostly techincal but had some whips thrown in. I love to post a tut of a trick i made called black buhdda once i get my hands on a camera. One of the best ways to incorperate slacks into your style is to make up your own slack. It’s fun and very rewarding!

OK I know what your  thinking that Revolutions is not a slack trick but it has alot of slack in it.

Ya, making up slack tricks really isn’t that hard. Just mess around with mounts you know and throw in a slack or two here and there. For me, it actually works. I have gotten like 3-4 slack tricks that are my own style (a bit more on the technical side) and I really like them.