slack tricks

any one got tricks with slacks in them?

there are tons of cool slack tricks on youtube. I have a cool trick you guys might like too, I’ll make a tut soon

take a look at my pinwheel gt thread.

Yukki slack is my favorite slack trick, u should learn it, it’s not as hard as it seems 8)

I made this awesome trick called Tandem-Slack

I made a sweet slack trick, its like a laceration. I can tell you how to do it, but it’s anot exactly a slack.

1:split bootom

2:push into back strings and flip yoyo back 1 time (like ripcord or wormhole)

3:pop yoyo up, slack should shoot around yoyo

4:catch in trapeze

Here’s a good trick I came up with called King Medicine, with heavy slack emphasis. Here’s a tut.

And the first trick in this vid is called the Roman Double or Nothing, a cool way into the Double or Nothing mount. it’s pretty self explanatory from the video.

Hope that helped!

can you make a tut for wildabeast?


I might when I finish it. I’m not quite satisfied with it yet.