Slack Trapeze

I can’t do this trick, I need tips on how to make the slack part right.

Thanks! ;D

The loop on your hand should go over your wrist.

or it might be that your string wont go over cause that was the case with me the string wa not dense enough

I’m don’t think it has anything to do with density. It is important, however like in any slack trick, to make sure that you have neutral string tension.

This is very true. For slack tricks, I recommend some 100% Poly string.

Practice with a dead yoyo first. Doesnt matter how big the loop is, just that there is a loop and it will get bigger the more you try

I agree, but be careful because you can get a knot.

Also, I recommend Intetnus G-String, N-Threads, or 50/50

Have Fun Throwing,

oh sorry i was thinking this was a differnt trick

That little boy in the Video of Samad looks like me when I was young lol. That kid is way better than me. Hes showing the Slack Trapeize but doing like 50 other tricks, what a little showoff!

That’s Samad. :stuck_out_tongue:

And didn’t really do that many other tricks, I think.

samad how can you recommend something without trying it first???

What are you talking about?

you said that the person should try gsting but you havent even tried it

Get your facts straight before you make accusations, please. He has tried G-String.

Thanks Kim-Lan.

i apoligize samad, i was thinking about angel hair string