Skyva In The Wild


This is my Skyva with my son at the doctor’s office.


Workplace skyva sighting.


Are you left handed?


Yep. But I have no idea why the picture is sideways. I’ve re-done it like 9 times now.


Okay, just wondering. The picture looks correct to me if that helps…


Oh. Weird. Well I guess it’s just me then :stuck_out_tongue:


Your pic is sideways for me too. This happens to me when I try to upload pics on here sometimes as well though, I’m not sure what the issue is.


Maybe someone having this issue should make a post about it just in case it is a fixable problem in the next forum update?



(rizkiyoist) #10

How much is a Skyva and an R6? ;D


Posted this on my Instagram :slight_smile:


@morgoroth I also have a white skyva and I’m left handed​:joy::joy: