(Ian sims) #1

Anybody ready for the metal skyva!


YES. Leaning towards the silver/white. Jeffrey teased a Metal Skyva production video on instagram a few days ago, hoping it surfaces soon! Looks like such a unique throw!


Anybody know cost and specs?


Diameter: 58mm
Width: 43.5mm
Weight: 64.7g

Super excited they kept it so light weight!

(Ian sims) #5

54 dollars is so worth it


Been throwing this all day, so good!

Countdown up!

(Ian sims) #7

I want it sooooooooo bad


The Black/Grey one looks awesome!


Countdown is at 0, but I can’t buy ;D


should be working, try again?


Yes it is. Thank you for taking my money ;D

Can’t wait to try it.


If you want someone to take more money, I have a Paypal account that is starving.


I’m looking forward to a review on this yo-yo. I like the plastic version a lot.


Thanks everyone for picking one up. Means a lot!!


(Ian sims) #15

Can’t believe that Jeffrey pang responded to this post.who am i?



I like how smooth finger spins are 8).

(Ian sims) #18

I want a metal skyva so bad but im kinda broke right now