Skipp and Barbarik Prologue

Okay, I’ve been waiting for this yoyo for quite sometimes
First thing first, this yoyo is another proving point from Indonesia, that we in Indonesia we can make good quality yoyo in a quite good price point.

The Skipp and Barbarik Prologue,

is the first yoyo from Skipp and Barbarik, they are Wiratama endika and Bimo Tri Bawono’s creation, which I’m not quite sure who they are :stuck_out_tongue: since I am not living in Indonesia at the moment and I haven’t been active in Indonesia yoyoing scene for like 3 years. and I just come back and have been playing for 2 months. But I’m sure they are somewhat famous and really skillful.

specification :
Material : Nylon6
Diameter : 50mm
Width : 40.74mm
Gap width : 4.75mm
Axle : 4×20mm
Bearing size : Size C
Response system : Recessed silicone
Weight : I guess it’s about 64 grams it is lighter than a Markmont Next, and somewhat similar to YYJ K-Os

First Impression
Skipp and barbarik yoyo is neat, and intriguing.

The packaging is unique, under a tin which I guess is from a wood glue tin (really creative boys, I like it O0) are included a yoyo which is very protected by sponge which enclose it. The Illustration on the packaging is fun and relaxed, it is very skater/rocker like in my opinion. Judging from the packaging I guess it is different than other brand.

Inside the tin, there is a SkippXBarbarik sticker, and yoyo (white/black depends on what color you got, but I got two). On top of the yoyo there lie a string which I guess nylon 6, in fluorescent yellow. The black yoyo is really cool and masculin, on the other hand the white one seems really super uber kewl hyper mega masculin. okay enough

Okay, first throw. From what I know, prologue use a Concave Bearing which is also made in Indonesia by YYI (Yoyo Indonesia if I’m not mistaken). The first time I throw the yoyo I kinda feel disappointed, where I am as a solid throw lovers I feel really uncomfortable by it’s light weight. It is very floaty, and because of the design and the weight the spintime is somewhat disappointing.

Honestly a bad thought comes into my mind, I thought my money is worth less.

But, I started experimenting, I changed the KK bearing on the black one to a OD 10 Ball bearing. On the next throw, it really change the yoyo it is very smooth now, but still the yoyo is very floaty, just like before. I became more curious, and I tried another bearing…

Then I started to experiment again with the white one, I change the bearing to Crucial V.2 Bearing. And voila, it change. This time it feels a lil more solid than before. And it feels enough to laid back kind of playing. Instead of the first KK bearing which drives you to a really floaty lazy playing, this Crucial V.2 Bearing makes it feels more to a laid back playing.

here is some comparison picture of Prologue with other yoyo

from left to right :

markmont next, skippXbarbarik prologue, YYJ K-Os, YYF One

this review can still change since it is just my first Impression.

their website.