A Sized Bearing YoYo Love (Small Bearings)

This thread is for anyone who wants to give some shout outs for their favorite A bearing throws.
The majority of my collection is mostly full C bearing yoyos for unresponsive play but I really enjoy playing A bearings as well.
I’ll start off with my beater Confusion GT from the 1st July release. Wasn’t really feeling it when I first got it and it was responsive. Put in the slim pads and cleaned the flat A bearing, and wow the binds were tight. I upgrade the bearing to an A Konkave put some slim string on it and this throw is fun unresponsive.


Yeah I love the Confusion responsive but I kinda hate the GT as a responsive. So I’d also recommend not playing the GT as a responsive! Something about the combination of extra width and shape just does not work for me on the GT as a responsive.

As for A bearing… geez there aren’t many out there. Browsing another yo-yo store that allows you to filter by bearing size cough … only 22 results, remove the 4a ones and you’ve got 17 total, and 3 of those are looping yo-yos… and one of them is the stainless steel Heist. Of that list, I’d say Alleycat 650b?


Umm… my Raider I guess?


Bassalope. My favorite yoyo to play when I just want to have fun. And it’s beat so I take it everywhere.




I want oneeee :tired_face:


Hands down the Quail!

I think I’ll try my Confusion GT like @Exmime has it set up.

I got a Rhinoplasty off the BST, but I haven’t found the love for it yet.

The Alleycat 650b, is cool.

I enjoy the Velocity, and my SpeedDial a lot.


Big :-1: on the Velocity and SpeedDial from me though. I think adjustable gap is kind of a bad idea in general, it might be OK if you’re experienced and know what you’re doing… but that stuff is all intentionally marketed to beginners. :confused:

And no matter what it is “bonus” extra center weight which never feels particularly good, plus more complexity and things to break.


Well I may not be a master, but I’m no beginner. I find them super fun, and I’ve never had any “mechanical failures”.


I personally think people are better off with a dedicated responsive and a dedicated unresponsive. “Infinitely adjustable gap” is the answer to a question nobody was really asking. You kinda end up with the worst of both worlds IMO.


They are fantastic as responsive yo-yos, and a fun challenge as unresponsive. The center weight is perfectly fine, or even desirable for responsive.

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YMMV. Personally I disliked the one I had so much, I literally threw it away rather than giving it to someone for free, because I felt I would be cursing them. :confused:

As an opportunity to try an A bearing, surely there are other ways… but I guess if that is someone’s only option to an A bearing yo-yo, I suppose it works?


To each their own…


to each their own but my platypus gonna be brown with a yellow hat


Ayyyyy I got that!

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It would seem that the adjustable gap had its time and place. When TK introduced the SB2 with the adjustable gap, it was the leading edge in yoyo tech at the time. So in that regard it was the only answer. To say it’s the, “worst of both worlds,” ignores this history. And as was mentioned everytime someone post a best/worst: it’s always a matter of opinion.


One of my new favorite A bearing yos is the Independent V2 https://forums.yoyoexpert.com/t/a-few-independent-v2s-left/296739 available now in the BST from @yoyospirit. It’s a 7075 version of the iconic Freehand Zero with updated guts and some refinements to the profile. This one is uncanny as it feels so familiar, but is so smooth. I put on some extra Duncan caps I had from a newer Freehand Pro. 20190106_063926 20190106_063951 20190106_064059


That looks very nice!

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Yeah this looks nice. I was thinking of picking one of these up but I grabbed a dk instead.

Quail allday