Skills Vs Product


Post videos of Players doing ridiculous stuff on “Low Performance” or cheap yoyo’s.


That guy can do anything with any yoyo xD


Those two could do just about anything on just about any yoyo. The rest of us mere mortals need a little more assistance.



fixed ;]


Heheh! Bit of both, I suspect.



How can you forget about: Jensen, world champion, 35$ plastic.

I know it’s not cheap per say, but this is the epitome of skill vs product.


The Northstar might be cheap but it’s far from being low performance. It was designed to be a metal that wasn’t made of metal. That said, Jensen’s 2010 freestyle is still one of my favourites.



I didn’t forget, I was going to leave it for someone else to contribute. Plus with the other vid of Jensen I didn’t wanna seem like I was only focusing on him, or that he was the only one. But yes, that is a great video showcasing that Dollar Signs do not mean performance! Thanks!

Here’s an oldie but a goodie…



Lyn Fury:


(M.DeV1) #11

Man people can do some amazing things with an FHZ.


cyclontzy!! I love/miss you!


I don’t understand why you can’t accept the fact the there are other yoyos that will obviously perform better, but when it comes to General-Yo’s product you’re quick to say that they’re the best. It’s a reoccurring theme of you to not go by your own words or actions.




Woah man. What’s with you and General-yo? Yeah, they’re good. No way are they the best and no way every other yo-yo sucks. People can like other yo-yo’s besides General-yo.

(M.DeV1) #16

Who peed in your cheerios this morning?


Also here you can see Jensen doing horizontals at around 0:11 with a Velocity, yes, a Velocity. But… well… he’s Jensen so it doesn’t count (or does it?)

EDIT: Almost forgot. Out of all Jensen videos where he played “cheap yoyos” this gotta be the most insane.


Okay, now here it comes… big breathe There are yoyo’s that perform “better” than General Yo Products.

All depending on whose hands the yoyo’s rest in (that’s the BIGGEST VARIABLE)

This thread. Your response. The irony is so immense it’s almost inconceivable.


Why do you care so much about him though, if you hate him that much ::slight_smile:


Man, I’m getting a kick out of this guy. l0l

Anyway, I keep seeing Jensen Kimmitt in this thread. He must be the king of plastics then.