Sk8r and moonshine 2 thoughts as a modern responsive throw

I have the a-bearing version and have it greased with white lithium grease. With its gap, does that make it more difficult to playing modern responsive? Any recommendations for others? Any tips on setting this up via pads etc.

I also have the moonshine 2. Also greased. I noticed mine came with the orange pad and white pad. Is that the optimal setup for this Yoyo? Also, any tips on setup for this as well.

I think one side is a snow tire and the other is a 19mm pad. It’s fine for modern responsive, stalls, etc. I liked mine quite a bit but I left it with a friend as a going away present. If you need to tune the response add grease and try a thicker string if you need to. It picks up some inertia so make sure to throw slowly.

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