Playing responsive...

Ok this is kind of frustrating. My favorite yoyos have started to play responsive on me. I make sure to clean the bearings on them and change the string. One I know for sure needs its pads changed out. But the others I know are fine.

What could be causing this to happen?

Is your bearing magnetized? What yoyo are you using?

Either way play responsive, it’s fun!

I will have to see if they have become magnetized. I am playing with a Chik, Rally and a Majesty.

Can you explain a little more on this “magnetism” that you speak of? How would these bearings become magnetized if you were intentionally doing this with a high power magnet?

I guess I am just trying to figure out how you came up with that idea and if you have supporting info as I’d be interested in learning more about this. Thanks.

Need a bath in acetone. I’ve had two of my throws go responsive within hours of each other and even though I’d cleaned the bearings they just needed cleaned again. Make sure to get them spinning with the acetone in them. I use a white coffee cup and have yet to clean a bearing that didnt leave dark colored grim/dirt/ or whatever behind after the cleaning.

Where can I pick up some acetone?

Walmart, Lowes, Home deopt. Hardware store :)…

T also goes under the name mineral spirits as well.

Mineral spirits isn’t the same product, but you can also use it for cleaning bearings. Mineral spirits is sold where the paint thinners are found in a hardware store.

Another alternative: lighter fluid, the kind used by Zippo (there’s another kind, too; the type used by Zippo is what you need).

There are other solvents out there, too…

Definitely do a lot of spinning regardless. You’re trying to get debris out of there! If you can, agitate the bearing in the solution… if you have compressed air, blast that through the bearing.

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Haha correction made in my mind! Thanks for pointing it out as I always just thought that they were the same just different names. I see there are some major differences and yet they will accomplish the same job just various after effects and the like.

:slight_smile: thanks for keeping the good knowledge flowing GregP!

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