Site Down


That was irritating. Was in the middle of a trade :stuck_out_tongue:
This happen to everyone?


I thought it seemed peculiar… i wonder if Andre was up to something?


Just bad luck it seems - was not doing anything forum related at the time!


Interesting… well, it’s good to have it back.


Very interesting.

I wasn’t home when it happened. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking more along the lines of “darn you computer!”

But seriously, good to see it back.


I thought it was my computer… But yeah it was down for about 30-45 minutes


Every time I read the title I think…

Why would I sit down? I am sitting…

That’s why I should pay attention to make sure I read properly. :wink:


… Dyslexia?


No, thank God. Whew.

I just skimmed by it and thought… “Sit down? Huh?”


It happened to me too. So I just walked away and started throwing for about an hour. I came back and it worked again. But I thought it was my computer too.


Did you hear about the agnostic guy with dyslexia? He also suffers from insomnia so he sits up late into the night contemplating if there truly is a dog.


laughs silently


Praying to Dog? Why would someone pray to a Dog? That sentence doesn’t even make any sen- Oh I get it! It is because of his dyslexia that gives him his inept ability to misunderstand a word and perceive it to be conceivably backwards in an otherwise normal sentence. Since he is also agnostic which would be to assume that he has no proper teachings in any faith or belief, he often partakes in the wondering of a higher power in an almost creationist mindset, giving him the idea, if not for a faint moment of there being a God, but because of his aforementioned conditions and his ongoing struggles to overcome said conditions, he seemed to have mistaken the word God, for the canine species, otherwise known as a dog, that also explain the bad sentence structure on his part for referring to a general species instead of an omnipotent creator.

Truly that was good laugh! :slight_smile:
Is this friend of yours a yoyoer by chance?





Someone took it seriously.


YYE seems to have more than it’s share of outages. I am suspecting it’s the provider and/or weather. In my case, it’s also my ISP being wonky and dropping my connection intermittently.

Usually, most outages for YYE last a few minutes. It’s annoying for sure.


Yeah, you know I just wasn’t quite able to get a read on Iron Tomato’s post. I shared that joke with Christian songwriter & author Michael Card and he thought it was hilarious. (And he’s dyslexic by the way.) It would be appropriate to apologize if someone found my post offensive, but in fact there was truly nothing offensive there.


Woah, Michael Card? Seriously? That is kind of awesome, but I hope you know I was only making a joke myself, by pointing out the funny part of the age old joke you said and thus making the whole thing ironic. Sorry if I gave off the impression that I was offended about someone praying to Dog ha ha


Just to be clear, the guy wasn’t “praying” to a dog. He was contemplating if a dog actually exists.
This of course has nothing in the world with the YYE site going down.

Studio42 is right, it does seem like YoYoExpert is down for the count more than it’s fair share compared to other websites.