site competitions

I think that we should be able to win something on this site but by age.

Although age is a pretty good marker for many things, I don’t think it wise to do so on this site. Not for yoyoing. Some kids ranging from 6-17 are way better than I am. I’m 22 putting me in with some very good yoyoers. I mean even depending on what brackets there are I could be lumped up with people like Ed who is amazing, Brett who again is amazing. I’m just a beginner yoyoer and already I’m put with some of the best that I know of (i don’t know many but still).
But I do love the motto: To be the best you must beat the best.

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ok maby by skill level like adv part 1

What do you mean contest by age/skill level? Like a video contest? They do have those sometimes.


When people decide to have them.

if you want to have a battle with some one just ask and if they say yes then you got a battle :slight_smile:

I don’t think he meant it that way. I believe he was meaning like different types of competitions. But yes you can have video battles whenever you want.

Any other contest is usually held by players rewarding people for doing something, and that happens randomly.

yeah that would be cool to like a have a site competition and win something for age