Sinister Sell-Off: Now Accepting Offers! No Reasonable Offer Declined

Please add $6 per purchase for shipping. Domestic USPS only, No trades at this time. Most of these have minimal use. Damage is notated, will gladly provide pics of any and all damage. Bundles are encouraged! Lastly, if you disagree with the price of anything, feel free to make me an offer. Most of these were only thrown over a bed of fine Egyptian cotton pillows within a hermetically sealed chamber.
The date is from the future - oops

Everything is now o.b.o. No reasonable offer declined. I need these gone quickly!

Minimum sale must be at least $25 to make shipping worthwhile, flexible on $25 throws if part of a bundle

Spend over $50 and get a slightly damaged yoyo for free!

Top Left:
C3 Galaxy Dinosaur - smooth, no damage $120 SOLD

Left Middle Row
Pinstripe G2 Banshee SS - smooth, no damage - $95 SOLD
G2 Banshee 7068 (fancy color!) Smooth, no damage - $110 SOLD
G2 Mini Banshee Wide - smooth, no damage - $85 SOLD
Bundle for $275 SOLD

Left Bottom Row
GWAY Saboteur - smooth, no damage - $35
GWAY Daredevil - smooth, no damage - $35
GWAY Regulator - smooth, no damage - $35 SOLD
Bundle for $60

Middle Top
Yoyofriends Sync - Minor damage that breaks ano, fingernail vibe - $25
Yoyofriends Vulture - Smooth, No Damage - $70 SOLD
Bundle for $85

Middle Middle
Duncan Butterfly form 80s - $15
Duncan Exit 8 - smooth, no damage - $45
Buy Exit 8, get Butterfly for free!

Middle Bottom
SOLD Yoyorecreation Anomaly - smooth, no damage - $80 SOLD for $60
Rebellion Invaders Must Die - minor damage, breaks ano - $25
Bundle both for $95

Right Top
Yo-yo Workshop Redacted - smooth, no damage - $70
RCS Deluge - smooth, no damage - $70

Right Middle
Sengoku Nobumecha - smooth, no damage - $70 SOLD
Something Anglam CC - smooth, no damage - $95 SOLD

Right Bottom
Circle City Muse - minor damage, breaks ano - $25


How old is that Butterfly?

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I honestly have no idea. It was a freebie that I got in a deal.

It looks very vintage (like 1970s era), but looks can be deceiving, which is why I ask.


I just found one on eBay for a comparable price, so it’s not $$ vintage, but it’s far from new


Bump! Hit me up, I’m sure we can work something out.
Don’t you want to help me achieve a lifelong goal?

Here comes the bump!


Happy Cake Day David!

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Still some :fire: throws left! Come, let’s make each other’s day with one (or more) of my throws. Operators are standing by.


How heavy are those woodens? I might be down.

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The cherry is 48g, the goncalvo alves is 57g, and the red oak is 50g

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I also have a bocote one that I don’t have any data on. It’s got thinner walls and a more traditional shape. I was going to keep it, but I can add it to the bundle for a nominal amount.

I’ll take 'em, the three.
PayPal, Venmo, or whatever?


Bump, still some hotness left!

Bump for jolly cooperation!

Bump for great justice


New stock and prices!

So that Redacted is presumably the “mango” colorway? It looks gold in the photo, at least on my monitor. How would you describe its color in person?

Here’s a picture of it with daylight neutral lighting. This is exactly what it looks like in hand


Nice photo, this orange one just here !

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