Sine//Saw vs. Werrd Hour


Any thoughts?

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(SlimJoe) #2

Well, I have never tried the RecRev Sine//Saw. It looks great.

However, I own 2 hours. Its one of the few yoyos in my entire time yoyoing where I considered getting more than one of. If anyone knows me personally, they know that I rarely do that.

Therefore, I strongly suggest the hour. It is my go-to throw for the most part.


I second the Hour.


I never played the hour . But I just got the sine//saw and it’s a beast . I got a plash color and the anno has 2 heavy paint spots , lumps you can feel . and the side caps look kind of cheesy . but boy when she is spinning looks great . and the play floaty and stable , with a good spin time . I highly recommend the saw//sine .
I did an unboxing video on youtube of it if you want to get a better look .


Really? Mine was absolutely flawless in construction and I thought the sidecaps looked amazing (the black one’s with the Rs). Then again, RecRev does have some cheesy splashes. I got a solid.


The Werrd Hour is super amazing.

Probably one of my all time favorites.

Big, super floaty, 7075 aluminum.

It’s hard to go wrong with it.


How are the spin times of werrd hour? Ive heard they lack a bit in that area.


Depends on your throw

Good throws will have a good spin time

Crooked throws have bad spin times

(M.DeV1) #9

The new 2k13 version they worked on putting a bit more weight the outside for longer spins.

(SlimJoe) #10

For the most part, spin time is dependent on the thrower. (i’m looking RIGHT at you, DNA)

Anyway, if you feel it’s too light, slap on some FHZ caps :smiley:


well if you can win a comp with the Hour you can get free stuff from Werrd