Silk strings

Is anyone interested in silk strings? Has anyone used silk strings? I think it would be cool, and if there was an interest, I think it could be an amazing idea.

Have you tired to make some?

Not yet, but I plan to. Buying some silk soon

If u could pull it off I think it’d be really cool.

Not sure what to expect from such string.

The only thing to really expect is really soft strings lol.

Didn’t big yoyo strings try this? Unless that was just the name… .

I think it was the name, but I do not actually know. To my knowledge, silk is a fairly unused thread for strings, so I wanted to try it.

I just think it will break easyily

To my knowledge, silk is fairly strong,
but not near as strong as kevlar, and threads of that nature, though it is also natural… This is the main reason I want to try it myself, because if it is really durable, I could make a super string (figuratively of course) that lasts a really long time. That is the goal at least :slight_smile:

What about using Spider silk? Just the novelty of it would be awesome.

I would expect it to be… well, silky smooth. If it does work well, I plan to get some.

On the note of price, silk is quite expensive, and when I try them, and decide I have gotten them just the way I want, we can possibly talk price :stuck_out_tongue:

I was also going to try it out :smiley:

might just be me… but I anticipate that because it is so soft, it will “compress” quite a lot when squeezed or if any pressure is place on it - which I’d anticipate meaning it will cut into your skin like a mothernutterbutter

string burn for dayyyysssss

Thisss ^^
I would anticipate it to whip really fast…

Yep, I’ve made them and they’re not worth it.

Hurts to use, whips a lot, extremely expensive to make.

what someone needs to do is make strings out of jersey fabric.

that’s the kind of softness you want…

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss omggggg