Does window silicone work for a yoyo response?

Yes it will but flowable works better. You can get flowable at the autoparts store.

I also found it at stores like Meijer,Wal-Mart and other chains with departments including a Auto art deartment.

If you’re talking about the Permatex window sealant that is in auto parts stores or on YYE for example, then yes. It’s clear so it is designed for sealing windshields.

If you’re talking about caulking that you can get at a hardware store(ACE, Home Depot, Lowes, TruValue, OSH for example), or for sealing tubs, sinks and showers, I really don’t recommend that stuff. It begins curing super fast and then can be difficult to clean up. Then you have to wait until it cures and then use a very sharp razor blade to slice out the excess. Getting the blade started can be difficult, but after that, it is a bit easier. The cure times are often short, some in as little as 3 hours.

You want something with a slower set time. With flowable, I find I have more than enough time to get it into the recess and then remove the excess and still have plenty of time up to 10-15 minutes later to deal with it if I need to(which is rare). I tend to try to line up 4-5 yoyos at a time to do silicone jobs. I can easily do one(two halves, including removing excess), move it to my level “curing spot”, then move onto the next within usually less than 10 minutes.

The caulk and hardware store stuff often starts setting up within 30 seconds. When I did my shower, I wasn’t even done doing a small area and when I went back to smooth it out, it was already curing. We’re talking not even 2 minutes.

I tried caulking silicone and i let it set over night, but is still didnt cure.

It doesn’t fully cure. It needs to stay more “elastic” so it can move with the expansion and contraction of the materials it is squeezed into due to temperature and barometric pressures. It will “dry”, but it won’t ever fully cure. It’s like that on purpose.

Well, i mean that it didn’t get to it’s elastic stage, it stayed as a gel form.

Don’t use caulking silicone, use flowable or gasket maker.

Does caulking silicone not work?

Won’t dry correctly.

I don’t want to be a pain, but what do you mean it wont dry correctly?

Caulk silicone when it dries can shrink and crack, RTV silicone won’t.

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no there are some types that wont shrink and crack

Those types won’t cure at all then.

Well, they do cure, but they don’t cure to a more rigid or less elastic final product. As such, they are considered to not cure. They are chemically designed to stay in that state.

Actually all silicone is RTV. All RTV means is that it vulcanizes, or drys at room temperature.

Here we recommend Gasket Maker or Flowable silicone because of there tendencies to not shrink and crack.

Not caulk silicone.

Not all silicone vulcanizes at room temperature. If it did, there would be no reason to differentiate it. The confusion comes from the fact that the vast majority of silicones offered to consumers are room temperature vulcanizing. Vulcanization is not the same as drying. Vulcanization is a chemical process by which polymer chains form cross-links with one another. Drying is a physical process in which moisture evaporates.

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