Is this okay for siliconing?


I recently bought this to use for siliconing, and was wondering if its suitable.


It will work somewhat, but you really want to avoid caulk. Use silicone that is intended for making gaskets for cars, find it at the auto shop. Or if you want flowable, use window sealer silicone that you can also find at the auto shop.


It is very difficult to apply, and does not last very long at all. It dries up very quickly if you life at high altitudes or somewhere difficult like that. Mine fell out in a matter of weeks. just get flowable.


Not only what neongauge said but I too bought I think that exact same brand before and the tube is WAYYY too big to silicone any yoyo, even with the smallest applicator.

Im horrable at siliconing myself but what I have used in the past is “Red Gasket Maker Silicone” that is sold at the Auto Stores, I will include a picture if you need. I think its a 3 oz tube or something like that for around $8. I have only tried red but I have heard red/black/blue, whatever the color is they will all work =).