silicone response vs yyf pads?
Im a noob :-\

So what’s the question? :wink:

If you’re asking which is better, it’s all preference, but I prefer silicon as I find it gives a tighter bind and I just like the overall feel of it.

let me rephrase that. Which is better? Silicone or yyf response

yyf response is silicone.

silicone is also silicone.

I think nobody answered it best by saying it comes down to personal preference.

I received a BVM with silicone in it and I like how that feels and plays, to the point where I’ve bought flowable silicone and am kinda moving away from replaceable response pads.

I find that flowable silicone gives you a snappier tighter bind usually. But stock response is fine too. I just wait for that stuff to wear out (which takes a long time, might I add) then replace it with some flowable.

flowable silicone is cheap when it comes down to the long run, and well, yeah. It’s personal preference, but mine is the flowable stuff.

i prefere rtv or really any non clear silli just for the ease of application i always stuff up with the flowable and because i cant see it it takes me ages to get it out.

Use more light. Since I bet most of use use flowable silicone indoors when we’re doing this, we need to be near a suitable light source. Often, a a desk type lamp that can be adjusted works best so I can move it around and look for shadows and other stuff.