silicone help?


When ever I silicone my yoyo’s with blue rtv silicone it is impossible to get out, if I buy red rtv will it be easier to get out.

(Hardcore_Max) #2

why are you taking it out?
Using a different type wont make it easier to pull out.
What yoyo are you putting it into and is the response area you have rough or smooth?, if it is rough it will always be harder to remove than if the surface is smooth, plus if it is hard to remove at least you know you have done a good job.


I have yoyo’s that have had their silicone in them for over a year or so. Still working great!


It’s just I am not very good at it and some times I don’t like how it comes out so I take it out to redo it.

(Hardcore_Max) #5

One trick I’ve learned through work is to use some soapy water or spit to smooth out the rtv while it is still fresh this also pushes out any air bubbles, also use a little more than you think you need then clean up any excess after the rtv has set.

Hope this helps.