silicon pad fall off dm2

I have had 2 dm2 yoyos and both of them have had the same problem. The silicon pad(s) fall off after a while. :’( The first time it happened i returned it (warrenty) and got a different dm2. Now after about 3 weeks with the second one, the same thing happened. Has this ever happened to anyone else ???If so, do you know how to fix it or can you recommend something? ??? :frowning:

It should fall out. The pads wear off on every yoyos with pads. Just silicone it, and it should be perfect.

But when it falls out, it’s sort of “streched out.” :frowning: so it doesnt fit back into the yoyo, but thx anyway :-\

Your DM is fine. Its normal that pads fall. You got two options buy replacement pads or silicone it. Silicone last longer. Just go to a hardware store and ask for silicone, preferable permantex red high temp silicone.

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Thx, I’ll try it out.Thx for the pic too :slight_smile:

Here is a tutorial using that same silicone:

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One note - if you get lube all over them they can absorb it and expand out of the yo-yo. So for future reference if you are using lube - when lubing 1-2 small drops is good - nothing more then that at once.

Overall (as long as you don’t get too much lube on them) they usually last at least 2-3 months and often even longer then that.

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Unless you deshield your bearing in which case a pindrop is sufficient.

How long does the “permantex red high temp silicone” take to fully dry? ???

24 hours to be sure.

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Personally I just let mine sit for 6 hours but thats just me.

I had that same issue with my atmosphere. The thin lube would cause the pads to expand out as well and i would have to replace them. Thanks for the tips. :smiley: