Hey i just finished making my signature and then i cant put it on its just code


You have to upload it to a picture sharing site first, something like iimageshack.

Upload the picture there first. Then, find the direct link, and put it between img tags.


Upload it first, so that we can help you.


Thanks but now i have another problem


Anyway, can you give me a link to the yoyo? I think i might be able to make a smoother render for you. The yoyo has white stuff sticking out. I can help you get rid of it.


howd do i make it big?


Just copy the code i gave you. At the main page, you have to check the box “Remove resolution from picture” or something.

Now tell me where you got the yoyo picture and background from so i can smoothen it out for you.


Thank you!


Where did you get the background from? I can help you smoothen out the image.


Home made ;D


If you can upload the background without the name and yoyo, i can help you smoothen out the yoyo image. Yours is kinda jagged.


Ya kk




Is this okay? I couldn’t find the font you were using, so i used this.

I also used orange, since it seems to contrast most with turquoise.

In case you wanted purple:


Oh dang dude your the best ill probibly use orange ty


Just pointing out, you missed out a close bracket at the end of your sig, so its not coming out.


Ya i noticed thanks again