Signature Trick That I Looked for Tut for with No Avail

Ok I was just Trick Tutorial shopping, lol and came across a Pro whos been around for awhile. Rob Kitts Yomega Team Captian is a Great Thrower and hes got some amazing tricks. He’s got one on this Video News Clip that I saw in which he said was His Signature Trick that only he can do Called The One Handed Bucket Trick. I searched every where for a Tutorial and decided to put a little clip together and tried to make it loop 3 times and the 3rd time I tried to slow it abit well Watch Here! Now after watching I see it’s kinda poor vid quality on my part but I started to understand how it hooks around the thumb and Drops as the Music said lol. Nice trick and I am working at learning but would love a nice, understanding, and easy Tutorial showing how to do it. I don’t know I tried I geuss. I just really like the trick and really haven’t seen this one done. Whats Your Opinion???

I don’t know if there’s a tut on the internet but on the yomega trick dvd they have a tut for that.

you sure? cause I have that DVD and don’t remember that one, hhhhmmmmm I’ll have to check it again.

No there is no tutorial on the DVD. All it says is “nothing”. They do the trick and tell you to see it in slow motion. bleh

Thats why I tried to make this vid and slow it down to see what happens. It’s a nice trick though, I understand the mount. I set it up with a dead yo and reversed it, Only thing now is to try and do the whip part now, lol easier said then done.

Its simple if you do it in parts, but its kind of like practicing a Hidemasa Hook or Jade Whip or Bind slowly, you just gotta try it in one fluid motion.

This trick is bested described as a slack double or nothing, opposite hand cheese whip, with some thumb grabbing***.

If you have the DVD, it isn’t too difficult to learn it by loop play and slow-motion. However, it isn’t worth $14 to learn this trick. But if you are a beginner and are reading this post. There was a great deal I found where Yomega offered some version of the crossfire (Or the Xodus, I can’t remember) and the DVD for $20. This is great for a beginner, but not much else.

*** That is what she said

Basically, the only explanation they give is ooch watching kits do it while saying, “Start off with a trapeze, then thats were I get lost.” The slow-mo and mulitple angles are helpful though.