1a One handed bucket


Hey guys do any of you know robs kitts trick called one handed bucket. I’d like to learn the trick, could i get tips or a video tutorial???



Nobody knows this trick?


No we just don’t like you :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do the first wrap outside of the string on your throwhand, isn’t a Wrist Mount a bucket? I could be wrong though.







sadly no but great tut!


do you have a video of it somewhere maybe one of us can make a tutorial for it. :slight_smile:


Well rob kitts has a picture if you look at yomega.com and go in the presidential team and if you look at his picture its a one handed bucket it also in malcomns video.


Links so I dont have to go hunting.


oh in malcomn video its at 1:40-1:42 and i will try to get a link

heres the link http://www.yomega.com/teamyomega/team-new.htm click on his profile and youll see the trick


here ya go ^

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Off topic but…I had no idea John Ando used to be part of Yomega. SCARY. Guess we all have to start somewhere…even if its bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am trying to learn this trick, but I can’t find a link that works so I can see the whole thing. I tried the link above but it doesn’t work anymore, anyone have a new one?


This was a really old post, looking like your new here, please check the dates before posting. Thanks! :wink:


I am aware of how old the post is. I just wanted to reference the information earlier in this posting as to the video mentioned so I didn’t have someone respond with: “You know there is a search function. If you look at this post here you will see this question has been answered. Please search before posting”.

Seems I can’t win no matter how I do it :’(

Whatever the case may be, does anyone know where I can find a tutorial video of this trick, or at least a clear view of it?


It’s on this thing

No other public tutorial seem to be available.

tricks included are on this page
It’s listed under the advanced 1 hand trick section.

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I could never figure that thing out, of course, i didn’t try very much, it’s a pretty cool trick… unlike slingshot… slingshot doesn’t even derserve to be called a trick…

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Is it basically the last trick in this video?
2:09 ish.

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no, i belive thats a one handed heart