Sigma Blade Zwei


is this a good yo-yo for AAA?

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #2

I would say it is the best in my opinion even though I have never tried one. I guess it didn’t help much.


Ok most people call it 3a but i like AAA sound for professinal


its a great yoyo for 3a


i cant play 3a, but just so you know, its like 7/10 of the width of the DM, I had one but gave it away. Since i don’t play 3a, i guess its not very useful, but bcause of its slimness i guess it should be good.

(Connor) #6

Wasnt it designed for 3A?..


it was designed for 3a, just that its really really small. its like the height of a hitman and the width of 7/10’s of it.

(system) #8

ummm it sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue: