Sigma Blade Zwei Thumb Grind

Hey guys I own the Sigma Blade Zwei and i have one cap off. I am trying to learn how to thumb grind with it but the yoyo all ways falls down. Any Sugestions?

i dont know how much of a lip the Zwei has, but with my Dv888 (zero irg lip) I can get 4-5 second thumb grinds. how do i do this? throw the yoyo at a slight tilt. not so much that it will turn over, but enough to make the angle easier on your thumb. if you could post a pic of your yoyos irg that would be great. for future reference, just put the pic on you desktop and upload it to, and the website will give you the code to put in your post.

Here’s the pic

well it looks like there are two lips their. one deeper in the cup and a small curved one in the front. i think andre boulay mentions in one of his vidoes to try to grind with the deeper cup with yoyo jams. the irgs on your yoyo do not appear to be the best, but if you throw a slight tilt, and use the lower one, you should be ok.

Also, during the mount, push into the lip a little and keep the string tight. This makes the yoyo tilt. It will allow a longer grind because when throwing at an angle, there is friction. Also, if the caps are on, you can transfer to Gyro grind. Hope this helps?