Side Effect question

How much do the normal discs add on weight wise

They’ll add 7.4g to the base weight of the yoyo halves.


Holy dang! I think I will buy those!
What’s the base weight of the summit? I’m guessing it’s about 63. That’s almost, 70 grams! Awesome!

Summit clocks in at 64.2g base weight so adding discs will bring it up to 71.6g. Word of warning though, I’ve tried a Summit with mini-discs (4.7g) and even with those on, it turns into an absolute brick on the end of the string. I’d hate to imagine what full size discs will do but hey, the point of side effects is to experiment, right? Let me know how it goes!


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Get some RSMs. CLUNK

Aren’t they like 10 grams?

They’d be heavy even with a 54 haha

The problem with rsms are they are impossible to get your hands on

This thread has a list of many SE weights:,56914.msg585043.html#msg585043

According to that list, normal discs are 7.2g.  Nickel-plated discs are 7.4g.

Well, it turns out there aren’t any left on yoyo expert. Maybe I’ll try code 1s?

I have spikes in my Summit and I really like how it plays with those

I was thinking about that. But I sorta wanted a more solid yoyo. But, does it make it less floaty. If so, by how much?

I’ve played a Summit with both UL’s and Spikes, and there’s no seriously appreciable difference. Slightly noticeable, yes. Significantly different, no.

Yeah, I’m sort of looking to make it really solid instead of floaty. I can change from heavy to light.

If solid is what you’re after, the mini-discs ought to do the trick.


I would, but they’re out of them