Shutter Squad

Hey we are fairly new to yoyoing but we are alright. We have an Instagram @shuttersquad1
One of our goals is to eventually be able to advertise for yoyoexpert! So come on and check us out!!
We all use Shutters and LOVE them!!

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I like your style, because promote for YoyoExpert, and using Shutter? That sounds like a win/win situation. ;D I’m following.

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Thanks for the support! We really appreciate it!

Is this a group forum account?

@Philip Yes! Me and my friends run it :slight_smile:

Edit: The forum account is NOT group run. Just the Instagram is.

Hey guys! Come check out our new posts @shuttersquad1 on instagram!
More posts will be uploaded today!!

Thanks for all the support!

We have made a new website!! Come visit us at
and on instagram @shuttersquad1 Feel free to follow us. It really helps!


We are going to start a YouTube channel and are wondering if anybody has any requests for trick tutorials! If you haven’t already, come check us out @shuttersquad1 on instagram!!


What happens when your shutter phase ends?

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Well even if “the shutter phase” ends it does not change the fact that the shutter is a great yoyo…

Great yoyo, but everyone moves on to something else eventually.

Im not really sure :slight_smile: I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there!

I, for one, think that what your are doing is really cool:)

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I only have one shutter that i use quite often, ill hop along for the ride while it lasts.

cool forum too bad i can’t join cause i dont own a shutter.

Eleco–> sorry to here about your shutter getting messed up :frowning:

You are still definitely welcome on the forums though :slight_smile: i Have added alot of new topics!!

Joing here

Mod edit: What part of “Please don’t do that…” don’t you understand???

You are more then welcome to join :slight_smile: we don’t have requirements to join :)\

see you there!

you guys must be awfully thick, advertising a different yoyo forum on a (THE) yoyo forum.

even after the mod deletes and edits your posts you think you can just use a link randomizer and post it again? i mean come on. you want to know whos in the real shutter squad? gentry stein. not a bunch of kids on the internet.

ADMIN:—> Will you please get rid of this account and delete this topic. Cuz if you don’t we will be mad!