Shutter: Misprint or Raw?

Tittle says it all. Which shutter should I get?

The silver isn’t raw. Whatever color you like, get that one.

Odds are you wont get a misprint. Go for the silver. Its wayyyyy cooler.

I’m really suprised that there are still as many misprints as there are. But ima go with the silver. Thanks.

Who cares If its a misprint? Lol

Edit: Dat silver Shutter tho…

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You get a holder with the misprint ones as compensation. They’re already priced so low, actually knocking $5 off would eat into a surprising chunk of the profit margin. The holders cost less to make than they retail for, so it’s a way of mitigating loss. You get the benefit of $6 worth of product, which only costs them $1 (or whatever) to make and another $3 (or whatever) for the retailer to buy.

It’s a win-win-win for YYF, YYE, and anyone who values the holder, but since you’re not forced to buy it, you can optionally pay the same price for that beauty of a silver. :wink:

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Aha, I didn’t notice that the holder was only with the Campion editions… I see now. Once again you have shown me the error of my ways Greg. ;D

I retract my previous statement.

get one with a holder… having a yo swinging from your belt loop… can’t get any cooler than that!

lol, i find the First World Design holder infinitely better than the YYF one anyway on the rare occasion i use a holder.

Lol I kinda want a misprint just because it’s cool. Kinda funny story.

I already have a gold blasted Shutter and a blue polished Shutter, and I’m swimming in yo-yo holders already, so no real incentive to get the misprint in the available colors with FAST holder. I doubled up on that silver though :wink: That thing is gorgeous. :o Red pro pads really set it off. I heard it plays great with the Center Trac. Go silver! :slight_smile:

I would wait until the misprint is done and get the non misprint gold shutter.

I do

why? doesn’t affect play and could even be worth more.

Yes, but I like yoyos to be as perfect as possible. Why would a misprint be worth more?

it’s literally one letter, and because some collectors collect items as such. They are more rare, thus sometimes worth more.

Is the silver bead blasted? In the picture it looks like it is, but I want to know for sure before ordering one because I know there are a couple different colors that aren’t blasted.

I believe it is

It’s blasted. Same finish like the gold blasted ones. I just got mine, but haven’t taken it out of the box yet.