Shutter for 5a?


Hey guys I have a quick question. I recently have been really into 5a and I don’t have a yoyo that’s really designated for it. I was going to hold off to get the space cowboy soon I tried it and I fell in love with it but with recent problems I have had may not be able to afford it. I was looking into budgets and I wanted to know how the shutter worked for it? Thanks in advance and feel free to leave other budget metals that are good for 5a in the reply’s!


Any decent 1A yoyo should be able to handle 5a just fine. Don’t use anything too expensive though, if you’re playing 5a, its going to get banged up.


Haha yeah that’s what I figured and yeah I know pretty well now I ruined my cypher playing 5a with it

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Any yoyo with a lot of rim weight, a low gap wall, and preferably a more angular shape is perfect for 5a. Not to mention it shouldn’t be all that light.


Would a superstar be good then?

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quit yoyos and ride a llama