Shutter Evo ? where are they

Not sure if anyone here might know, but the Shutter Evo has been out of stock for months, did they discontinue this ? its really amazing and I wanted to get another, however everywhere is always sold out. Anyone have any insight into what happened to this awesome product?


It’s discontinued but they’re comin out with a new Shutter bimetal in a few weeks


oh really? is there anywhere to see a preview or something for this ? thanks for the reply. Sad about the evo, I think that is the best playing one i have

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I’m also interested in what’s coming! I too like my EVO but they really missed the mark on the rings. They’re easily dislodged. While you can fix it with the tool it just seems to happen pretty easily.

I don’t think there’s any leaks yet but Gentry mentioned it the other day on his live stream