Shutter Color

Which color should I get? I want to wait and see if they come out with an all black one but the red and green ones look super cool as well.

Alright, I didn’t know this would be a poll.

Well, if you really like red and green equal, this is a toss up. I have a red/black, and a blue, so I can assure you that the red is a perfect shade, in my opinion. The blue is stunning. I don’t even like green, but that shade of green looks most ideal to me. I think you will be happy with any of them. Someone asked YYF the question on their page about Shutter colors. They recommended the green. But, as you know, this is all personal preference, so you may try the flip of a coin, if this is no help.

An all black would look sick :o

The solid purple just spewes deliciousness! It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I saw gentry playing one at my club.

I’d get blue, but you want red or green… I vote red. It would look really cool with a lime green string (it yellow,etc). What string would you put on a green one?

Green yoyo, neon yellow string! No brainer. :smiley:

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All red looks best to me.

I have a green one…it looks so amazing! Seriously, the shade of the green along with the shine of it all works together so well.


What no love for half blue and half purple?