Showing off my newest throw... Square Wheels ROYALE

Just got my Square Wheels Royale… not much of a reviewer (that
s why this is not in the review section)

I’ve only had a few hours with it so far - but I’m loving it…

It is a speedy puupy, it’s not as wide as say the Chief or Albatross (a little wider then a OD 54) - but it actually feels wider (if that makes sense)… really comfy in hand, and it just wants to fly…

this is the RED IS NOIRE - I love all their colorways - but when I saw this one I had to have it…
royale by miketheturtle, on Flickr

Mine is an unnamed colorway for the time being. It’s also 1 of 1 for now, as it’s a test ano colorway. Square Wheels doesn’t know if they’re going to make this color a production color yet.


I got the same one. Pretty awesome throw. Plus the packaging and custom string is great.
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Glad you guys like The Royale! These things are in short supply at the moment, I’m having trouble getting any myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know when you’ll be doing another run?
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I just added my final review notes on sniffy and will be filming the review today.
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The review vid is up at
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I have to chime in on this. I just received my Blue Acidophilus today & I’m really impressed with this throw.
First off, it came really well packaged, and is just a really solid throw, & super smooth. Great weight distribution all along the rim, super stable & great craftmanship.
Not to mention the ano job is top drawer. For their first effort, this company hits a home run.

Highly recommend these guys to everyone. For $110.00, it’s a tremendous deal.

Good Job.

I agree. Not only is it a great throw, but the packaging is excellent and I.t comes with a terrapin bearing and a pair of strings custom made by twisted.
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Man…I gotta talk to Connor…wanna try his Royales…

ima try to get a picture of mine up today… Red sea colorway… i love it.