FS/FT: Royale W/ Cheese, WANT: AC1, Chief, can add $$

G Squared Triton, Lava Lamp Colorway (Monkeyfinger ano)
THIS IS NOT A GLITCH EDITION. Two pinpricks in the finish, both post-purchase, and very, very minor. Most will not even notice them. See additional pics. Beautiful and smooooooth. I have the box. $80

Square Wheels Royale w/ Cheese, stencil colorway. Mint, but played a bit, with box. A fantastic update on the original Royale, and feels like it has DNA in the Peak. Stable, but a tad floaty. Good Stuff. $80 shipped. PENDING TRADE

ADDITIONAL PICS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/31020109@N04/sets/72157633427750810/

CLYW: Puffin (no rootbeer blizzard, willing to add $$ for good colorways), AC1, Chief 65g (Elliot Jackson would be super). BvM2. Avalanche (original run only)
One Drop: Midnight Storm Cascade
Square Wheels: Royale (purple only please)
Duncan: Barracuda (not the Janos edition, already have it) Purple preferred.
YoYoJam: Diamondback (again, purple only)
Deadly Spins: Wrath
YoYoFactory: H.O.T. (Purple w/ gold splash, maybe another colorway) Too H.O.T., Beadblasted Shutter