Show us your 3d printed yoyos!

That white and purple one! Amazoid.

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I haven’t tried printing any throws yet, but am hoping to get one on my printer this coming weekend. Anyone have any experience printing with them resin? I’m hoping the one I picked of Thingiverse will print well :smiley:

I tried but the resin was to light and bridle. But I guess with some weight rings it should work.

lol sorry for waking this thread up from the dead, here’s my newest prototype, i Call it the super E!


and after 3d printing i realize that this yoyo will be around 92 grams…


2 months is nothing. This forum is full of master level necromancers. Only way to keep from having dozens of near identical threads around.

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Working on a 5A in a bit odd format 60x38


What’s the weight going to be on that monster when it’s finished?

Roughly 58g pure rim weight plus a bit from the cabal guts


LOL I didn’t realize you were printing a yoyo. I thought you were printing a scaled up version of that counterweight at 60x38. I’m a fan of big diameter and slim yoyos though, good specs.

Will try if it makes sense. Like to try uncommon formats. If it works I can send you one.

i thought I’d make a video explanation about how it works

Cool yoyo! I want to print one. But can’t find a printer, which one do you use? I’ve read the article and tend to Creality Ender 3 best 3d printer for beginners

Courtesy of @TheThrowingGnome