Show Us Where You're Throwing

Carmel Allday, nice.

Kuntosh 5kQV and Cabal.

Hearst Castle, near Cambria Cali.

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Looks like a beautiful day!

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Some mountain in colorado

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Which one? I only know of Pike’s Peak.

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

I cant remember what it was called, i feal like it started with a O. I may have been dabbling with some recreational activities that impaired my memory lol

that explains the green bandana :wink: haha!

Deep State in Seattle:

Looks like Photobucket is working again!? I had switched to Flickr…

My second cousins house. Babysitting five kids!:flushed: all of them under seven


^“Show” Us Where You’re Throwing… :wink:

Ketchican, AK with the Veritas Pro:

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Myk_Myk, that reminds me of the filler on TBS where the two girls stop to take a selfie in front of an eagle pic.

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In Juneau, AK with the Elec-Trick


Yukon Suspension Bridge with the Deep State

Not sure why my son is running at me. :smiley:


The Peon in Victoria, BC

Did a pull start on my pinky. Was trying to get Vortex on camera.

First my “camera-person” = my wife, didn’t capture the right moment:

Then the string disappeared into the background:


Then I realized I was on a grassy surface, and thought to throw a top (the “Love”). My “cameraman” = 11yo son, didn’t capture the top during the Corkscrew. Fortunately it was Double Corkscrew, and he caught it on the way back down!

Hey! What happened to all of my hair! :-\ :smiley:


ive been to both those places! so sick.

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Throwing the new MagicYoYo Stealth in front of the Batmobile in New Mexicoluke_renner_batmobile_yoyo_magic_2018_


^ Haha, love the expression on that old guy behind you!

I think the post with this pic got lost during the change over?

Anyway, we had an amazing view from our hotel balcony in Vancouver, BC!


In Asheville, NC a few weeks ago:

Wood, so I had a flotation device!

Dolly’s the um… tops!

Mt. Pisgah


Found this pic of me at my wedding: April 2, 2005


The Henry Ford Estate/Mansion, Dearborn, MI (September 2018)

Top of Duquesne Lift, overlooking downtown Pittsburgh, PA (March 2019)