Show off your autographed yo-yos!


Heres my 888x signed by Martin Csiszi, Ann Connolly, and Joe Wilson.


nice id love for Ann Connolly
to sign my throw

shes a pretty beast


my dv888 was signed by Andre but it wore off :’(

(Thomas) #4

My ministar was signed by Ernie himself.


My 2010 Severe is signed by Tyler Severance, Augie Fash, and Miguel Correa! I’m loving it! :slight_smile: ;D :smiley:


my dv888 was signed by yukki spencer and paul han. ;D

(Johnny rocks!!!) #7

my DM was singed by andre twice.

(JosephP) #8

Guys put up some pics!


i got my genesis signed by joe wilson and ann connolly but it faded away T_T