Show Me a Picture Of a Red/Green M1! Please!

Yeah. Please.

Couldn’t find a picture of a red/green M1, but… I found a green/yellow.

Thanks, but I really need a pic of red/green. I’m trying to decide between red/gold and red/green. Whoever has the fastest, most ninja skills, find it for me! :smiley:

I’ve checked everywhere. Its not online.

Are you looking for Christmas decorations. Jk. I just thought that a red/green M1 would look like a Christmas decoration.

Addment: I like to name M1s, so this combo will be Christmas M1.

Lol. Have a yoyo Christmas tree.

What!!!?!!! Someone must have one.

The tree or the picture? Lol. I’m going to do a yoyo tree next year. Spin them all on Christmas.

OK, not being a smart@$$ here but have you tried the One Drop forums? The people over there are very nice and helpful. I’m sure one of the users there will have one. If no one does ask one of the guys in the shop to show you a picture. The owners are always on the board and super nice guys, they might be able to put one together and take a shot of it so that you can see it. Or if you catch them during the week on the shop webcam they amy be able to show it to you there. Give it a shot.

Remove please. This is a profanity-free forum.


She means the smart@$$. (Not to be using profanity, just showing him. Don’t kill me here! :))

You don’t need to show…

I saw one!!!
Right now!!!
The guy showed me a scrap!!! ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D TY!