Should there be a Yo-lympics?

The Olympic games are starting. Every single aspect of every single sport of every single nation will be competing. Why not have a Yo-lympics to celebrate? A fun kind of tournament, to celebrate the olympic games. We should get 32 contestants, have a knockout round that leaves us with 16, then 1v1 battles until we have a gold, silver, bronze, and platinum medalist.


We do have one; it’s the WYYC

Then how can athletes be world champions but still be in the Olympics?

That question answers itself, bro; people are in the Olympics because they are good at what they do. An athlete in the Olympics is either considered a world champion from another contest or just has some really good time/stats to his/her name. The WYYC is our Olympics because it has “athletes” that are world champions from previous years or have really good titles (regionals/state/nationals) to his or her name.

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